People to People All Transfers in Cuba

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Publicado el 21 de mayo de 2017 a las 11:20 a. m.

People to People All Transfers in Cuba

La Habana (Centro Habana)

Categoría: Autos y motos, Servicio de taxis
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Teléfono: 00535-5017107

Havana Fast Fly, First Private Classic Car Agency in Cuba, HF2 Taxis and City TourHabana, specialized in transfer services to and from Havana International Airport, tours and guided tours, events, photo tours and city tours. Pick up at home, Thematic itineraries, religious activities, visits to churches, Cultural Projects. Welcome VIPS at the airport, surprises of newlyweds, end of school trips.

We have a fleet of vintage cars beyond compare.

  Varied prices depending on the service


If you want to know the Island, by the hand of specialists, do not hesitate to call us.

  We have a fleet of vehicles of great comfort, authentic cars of time that will make you enjoy your trip in time.


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