Compre Vaca / buey Cálculo biliar y Pelota de pelo de vaca Disponible en stock ahora @ (WhatsApp: +237673528224)

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Compre Vaca / buey Cálculo biliar y Pelota de pelo de vaca Disponible en stock ahora @ (WhatsApp: +237673528224)

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Buy Cow / Ox Bile Calculus and Cow Hair Ball Available in stock now @ (WhatsApp: +237673528224)



- Complete substance,

-100% skinned machine

-There are no ticks, no scratches, no humps.

-Size: 32 to 40 square feet.

-Middle size: 36 square feet.

-Weight: 22kgs to 32kg

-Weight average: 25kgs

-Selection: 80% A / B, 20% C / D

-Male 75% / Woman 25%.

-1 x 40 container = 1700-2000 skins

-Availability: container of 10 x 40 feet.

- Impurity: without sand, without dust, without mud, without foreign objects, without fats and without meat

- Not available: No problem of hair sliding, No rotten skins, No fats and flesh on the skin, No



- No holes, no cuts, no overheating,

- Sand: not clean and clean of any other dust or mud.


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WhatsApp: +237673528224


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Cow / ox calculations


Bovine cow / beef calculations for sale for (proportion of wholestone / brokenstone is 80% / 20%)

We are full-time exporters of high-quality natural bull calf gallstones.

Our product obtained from disease-free cattle.

We can supply up to 10 Kg. Monthly. Shipping notice by airmail (DHL).

The price depends on the wholestone / brokenstone ratio.

The Wholestone / Brokenstone ratio is 80% / 20%.

The Wholestone / Brokenstone ratio is 70% / 30%.

The Wholestone / Brokenstone ratio is 60% / 40%.


Functions: To eliminate heat and release toxins.

To eliminate endogenous wind and stop seizures.

to resolve phlegm and promote resuscitation. If you want to try what

have, then we will be very happy to receive your inquiry.

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