¿Necesita un servicio financiero

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¿Necesita un servicio financiero

Guantánamo (El Salvador)

Orange Park
Categoría: Hogar, servicios, Doméstico Limpieza
Contactar con: Gonzalez Andres
Correo electrónico: gonzalezandresloan@gmail.com


I am a loan lender Foreign Affairs decided to grant short, medium and long term loans to honest people that despite their monthly incomes are struggling to meet their basic needs. If you are looking for an agent to help a customer find private funding or an investor looking to maximize their return, I'm your man!


We have a lot of "private capital" and we are aggressively seeking loans with real estate collateral. Contact me if you want results!


We CAN Fund the following:


• Loans for All

• Multi-family / apartment buildings

• Loan Repayment in all types of real estate

• Loans Investors

• Bridge Loan / Mezzanine Financing

• Loans for Foreign Buyer

• Commercial Loans

• Earth / Construction

• New Commercial / Multifamily product at a low interest rate of 2%

• The loan amounts: $ 2,000 USD - Above


Andrés González Financial Company

E-mail: gonzalezandresloan@gmail.com

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